• What makes your hosting Divi Specific?

Divi Space Hosting is designed and managed specifically with WordPress and Divi in mind. Our servers are optimized for that workload with tools designed to make your life easier, such as backup, clone sites, updates of plugins/themes and easy one-click install.

  • What kind of control panel do you use?

We are using a customized version of Plesk. Plesk is an innovative control panel, designed from the ground up as a competitive and powerful option to cPanel. Plesk is optimized for WordPress and bring up tools that support WordPress natively, such as cloning/staging, installing, deleting, adding/removing plugins a and themes and easy updating without having to login to WordPress.

  • Do you provide email services?

As most WordPress hosting services, we do not provide a mail service. This increase the server security and performance. You can use any SMTP/Mail service such as Gsuite and customize your DNS to your liking.

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